Sky Blue, director of Picante Productions, founder of the Byron Latin Fiesta


My unique teaching technique which focuses on first teaching the rhythm and movement of the traditional dance styles. Steps are broken down in detail, solid techniques are taught and repetition is used to help absorb and retain the material you have learnt. I believe that “everyone can dance” and that there is no such thing as “two left feet”. All you need is a good dance instructor, the desire to learn and a healthy dose of patience!

As a dance instructor, choreographer and event organiser, I am deeply passionate about events and have a profound love for Latin dance and music. Having been self-employed for longer than I can remember, I find immense joy in the work I do and find a great sense of satisfaction in assisting others. Join me for some Private dance lessons or a Workshop or Boootcamp and discover the joy of dance!

Outside of my professional pursuits, in my spare time, I pursue creative endeavors like dressmaking and gardening. I also love to practice yoga and to spend time in nature. I believe looking after our mental health and well-being is very important. 


As a dance instructor, I have more than 20 years of expertise in teaching Street Latin styles (including Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cha Cha Cha, Kizomba, Reggaeton & Samba). I love to work with students who are keen to master the fundamentals of the dances and who want to boost their confidence in dance and for life. I have taught thousands of different people over the years from absolute beginners through to experienced dancers, corporate groups, wedding couples and more.


As an accomplished event organiser and festival director with over 15 years of experience, I thrive when coordinating dance and music festivals and events. My passion lies in crafting unique experiences for everyone to enjoy. Functioning as a hands-on creative, I possess a keen attention to detail. My expertise spans various areas, encompassing concept design, event styling, decor, programming, promotions, logistics and more.

I firmly believe that festivals and events are wonderful for bringing people together to connect, learn, share and be inspired. I am the founder and director of the annual Byron Latin Fiesta, Australia’s longest running Latin dance festival. I also successfully directed the Sydney International Bachata Festival, the Sydney Cuban Salsa Congress, the Melbourne Kizomba Festival, and Festival de Ritmo.

Career Highlights

  • FOUNDER & DIRECTOR, Picante Productions, 2014 – 2023 (ongoing)
  • FOUNDER & DIRECTOR, Byron Latin Fiesta, 2006 – 2023 (ongoing)
  • DIRECTOR, Sydney International Bachata Festival, 2008 – 2020
  • FOUNDER & DIRECTOR, Festival de Ritmo, 2018
  • EVENT STYLIST, Byron Bay & Noosa, 2016 – 2018
  • DIRECTOR, Sydney Cuban Salsa Congress, 2010 – 2017
  • DIRECTOR, Melbourne Kizomba Festival, 2014 – 2016
  • FOUNDER & DIRECTOR, Picante Latin Dance, 1999 – 2013
  • STAGE MANAGER, New Zealand Salsa Congress, 2009
  • STAGE MANAGER, Sydney Salsa Congress, 2007
  • EVENT COORDINATOR, Australian National Salsa Championships, 2005 – 2006
  • EVENT COORDINATOR, Latin Dance Corroboree, 2005
  • EVENT STYLIST, Staging Connections, Sydney 2003 – 2005
  • COSTUME DESIGNER, Sydney Mardi Gras Parade, 2002
  • COSTUME DESIGNER, Sydney Olympics Opening Ceremony, 2000

Mission Statement - DANCE

To teach with passion and understanding for the dance styles, the music and the cultures from where the styles originated. To teach with integrity. To be sensitive to my students needs and to deliver a quality service to my clients.

Mission Statement - EVENTS

To create events that are executed with passion and flare and which create lasting memories. To use great attention to detail with delivery and quality of service so as to leave clients with an exceptional all round experience.

Artist Promotions

  • Promoter for International Musicians Cuban Orchestra: Los Van Van (direct from Cuba). Bachata singers & groups: 4Ever, Xtreme, Monchy y Nathalia, Domenic Marte, Daniel SantaCruz, Grupo Extra, Karlos Rose, Dani J
  • Promoter for Bachata Dancers: Kim & Geo (Canada), Micka & Emi (France), Junior & Carolina (Sweden), Samy el Magico (France), Nino Acosta (USA), Edwin & Dakota (USA), Joanna & Fabrice (France), Tanja & Jorge (USA), Carlos Cinta (USA), Troy & Jorget (USA), Daniel & Desiree (Spain), Judith & Korke (Spain), Seemore & Cristina (Spain), Jorget (USA), Gatica & Keskia (France), Gabriel & Leticia (Argentina)
  • Promoter for Cuban Dancers Leysis Smith (Italy/Cuba), Jorge Camaquey (Spain/Cuba), Alevia Rodriguez (Italy/Cuba), Dawes Figueroa (Italy/Cuba), Solangel Fernandez (Germany/Cuba), Janet Fuentes (UK), Eric & Chantal Turro Martinez (Cuba/Aust), Cruz Vasquez (Cuba/Aust), Osmani Segura (Cuba/Germany)
  • Promoter for Kizomba Dancers Sara Lopez (Spain), Albir Rojas (Spain), Isabelle & Felicien (France), Morenasso & Anais (France), Sika & Khalifa (UK), Tamas Nagy (Hungary), Yami & Steffi (France), Mike Evens & Macarena Paton (France/Spain), Rico & Adda (UK), Azzedine (France)